Chapter I - ATOM

figure 1.1.3

This same effect can be seen today if one were to bring a sufficiently strong enough B field close to the sides of a television screen.  The electrons' trajectory will be changed as this field is applied.  From these experiments, the view of the electron changed from the ancient's view to a more modern view.  Figure 1.1.4 gives us a picture of the Thomson model of the atom.  Thomson received the Nobel Prize in 1906.


J. J. Thomson's Plum Pudding Model

Figure 1.1.4

The other particles that Thomson spoke of we now know as:

alpha particles (a) a particle with +2 charge. 
(Actually the nuclei of  helium atoms)

beta particles  (b) a particle with  -1 charge. 
(Actually an electron) 


gamma rays    (g)  a particle with no charge. 


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